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Soil Guard Fabric Protection

 Fabric Protector with

Would you like the fabric of your choice to retain it's new appearance and to last longer?
Spills from drinks and food may cause unsightly stains and can be difficult to remove.

Create easy to maintain furniture.
Soil-Guard fabric protector guards your furniture fabrics from liquid and food based spills and releases dirt and soil easily.

forms an invisible barrier in and around the fabric fibre, preventing spills and soil from being absorbed into the fabric and possibly causing permanent staining and damage.

  • - Soil-Guard Resists Liquid Spills
  • - Soil-Guard Resists Food Spills
  • - Soil-Guard Resists Wet and Dry Dirt
  • - Soil-Guard Releases Soil and Dust
  • - Soil-Guard Fabric Protector with  carries a separate 5 year warranty, please see back page.

You are about to choose a fabric for your new furniture, unfortunately the colours will fade over time. Now you can reduce the effects of fading by using Soil-Guard fabric protector with .

 is a product specifically designed to reduce the effects ultra violet light will have on your fabric.

UV light will cause colours to fade quickly and causes early fibre degradation.

Now with the addition of  to the fabric protector we can prolong the life of the colours on your chosen fabric and reduce fibre deterioration.

 works much like a sunscreen on the skin. It reduces the effects of the harmful rays of the sun.
The benefit is that the colours chosen will remain vibrant for longer.

How much longer depends on a number of factors:

  • - quality of dyes used
  • - type of fabric
  • - position of the furniture in your house

 will not stop fading from occurring but will discernably reduce the effect UV light has on colour and fabric.

Protecting Your Furniture

  • - Increases the life of your fabric and maintains it's new look for longer.
  • - 5 year stain protection
  • - Makes vaccuum cleaning more effective
  • - Slows down colour fading
  • - Prevents food and drink spills becoming permanent stains and provides easy clean up.
  • - Releases general every day soiling more easily when cleaning.
  • - Slows down fibre deterioration.
  • - Does not change the look and feel of your fabric.
  • - Safe, ozone friendly.
  • - Can also be applied to curtains, awnings etc.
  • - Customer free phone service with nationwide service network.



5 Year Stain Protection Warranty

The warranty certifies that the described furniture's fabric has been treated with Soil-Guard fabric protector with .

Should a stain occur after application, which can not be removed by an approved agent, that part of the furniture's fabric under warranty will be restored to it's original condition.

Soil-Guard fabric protector with  makes the cleaning of your furniture much easier and thorough. We recommend a regular vacuum clean and a commercial extraction clean every 18-24 months or more frequently if required.

For further information regarding Soil-Guard with  protection products and for a service agent near you...
contact Soilguard via email click here email

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