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Dura–Seal Paint Protection

Whether your new car has come straight out of the showroom or you are its second owner, for most of us nothing beats the thrill of buying a new car.

The paint is new (or looks like new) and the interior is clean and fresh. Now that you have bought your new car you will want to protect it.

Dura-Seal Paint Protection brings the latest in paint protection technology to your car.

Dura-Seal Paint Protection saves you from having to polish your car over and over again.

Dura-Seal Paint Protection also:

  - Forms an invisible barrier between your car's paintwork and the elements
  - Helps your paintwork keep its new car look longer
  - Protects your paintwork from the harmful effects of bird droppings, tree sap, atmospheric pollution and other naturally occurring contaminants
  - Makes cleaning your car quick and easy using just a sponge and clean running water
  - Saves you time and money by not having to wax or polish your car again.

Dura-Seal Paint Protection is warranted for life, conditional on the original purchaser still owning the vehicle.


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Now that you own it PROTECT IT WITH 

Dura-Seal protectants are extensively researched products that will protect your vehicle’s paintwork, leather or fabrics from the detrimental effects of constant exposure to environmental forces.
External forces such as Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Road Film, Bird Droppings, UV Rays and other atmospheric pollutants attack your paintwork, whilst interior finishes become stained, soiled or dry (leather) simply through day-to-day use.

LifeTime warranty on paintwork!

  - Painted surfaces retain that NEW look for longer
  - No need to polish or wax your car again 
  - Reduces time-consuming maintenance
  - Protects the future value of your investment

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