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Dura–Seal Leather Protection

Leather upholstery, an appointment that used to be found only in luxury cars, has recently become a popular option for most vehicles.
Due to the extremes of heat, cold and humidity that occur in cars, leather requires a little extra care and protection.

With Dura-Seal Leather Protection, your upholstery will stay soft, supple and crack-resistant for longer because:

  - Dura-Seal prevents leather from drying and cracking and helps it maintain its original feel
  - Assists with removal of everyday soiling and reduces food and drink spills from permanently staining the leather
  - Dura-Seal saves you time cleaning your leather upholstery.

Dura-Seal Leather Protection is warranted for life, conditional on the original purchaser still owning the vehicle
and includes accidental damage repair.


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