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Meridian Security System

Meridian vehicle security systems are manufactured in Australia to the high standards required by the Australian and New Zealand Standards Authority and approved where applicable. The Meridian range offers a system ideal for your requirements.
When a Meridian Security Ststem is fitted you will have:

   - An insurance approved star rating system (where applicable)
   - A system built to comply with or certified to AS/NZ 3749 and/or AS/NZ 4601 standards
   - 3 year guarantee on parts and labour (no separate installation warranty required)
   - A system supplied and installed by members of the NZ Vehicle Security Association
   - Support from our nationwide service network
   - Standards approved installation
   - The latest technology securing your vehicle
   - AA 24 hour emergency assistance
   - The widest possible range of features and optional extras

Meridian Security System Features

Dual Immobiliser

Dual Immobiliser & Alarm   *
Rolling code remote keys * *
Keyless entry * *
Passive immobilisation *
Dual cut engine immobilisation *
Auto re-arm & lock * *
Dashboard LED
Standard siren 120 db          
Backup battery siren 120 db      
Door, boot & bonnet protection  
Diagnostic system
PIN code override  
Air pressure / Glass break sensor   O O O O O
2 remote controls provided    
Remote panic activation      
Black wiring
Silent arm / disarm  
Faulty circuit bypass
Short circuit protection
Turbo timer capable    
Dual stage shock sensor   O O
Warning stickers
0800 24 hour helpline
Door ajar warning  
Interior light activation
Visual arm / disarm confirmation
3 year parts & labour warranty
Installation to AS/NZ 3749.97
* Applicable when provided by vehicle manufacturer, if unsure consult your dealer
O Recommended optional extras

Integrity Check:
If upon activation of the alarm, a door, bonnet or boot/tailgate is not fully closed the siren will give 3 warning chirps.

By-Pass Activation:
If you wish to load your car and leave a door or boot open but for purpose of security want to set the alarm you can do so. The alarm will first give the 3 warning chirps as with the Integrity Check, after 20 seconds it will fully activate but bypass the open sector.

Automatic Alarm Arming:
The alarm will also be set when the unit passively immobilises but will not lock the doors, Programmable feature.

Panic Feature
An emergency warn-off in case of being attacked near the car. Pressing the unlock button for 3 seconds will activate the siren.
Other features include: automatic reset, report function, diagnostic system and arm condition memory.

Programmable functions:
a number of the above functions are programmable through the remote. They will normally be programmed at time of installation however you may wish to change some of the features to suit your own specific requirement.




Radio Keys:
2 remote control keys are provided with multi function, rolling code and anti-scan circuitry.
Operation is verified by the illumination of an LED in the key case, including battery low warning signal.

Remote locking/unlocking:
This feature will allow you to open and close the doors from a distance without the need to use your car key. If nothing else it will prevent a lot of scratches on the paint. This feature does require the unit to be connected to the locking system of the vehicle.

Operation of the system:
Press the button on the remote once, when in range, up to about 15 metres. Indicators will activate and the doors will lock. The fitted
dashboard LED will flash. To deactivate, simply press the button again, indicators will activate and vehicle will unlock.

Engine immobilisation:
When the system is activated the vehicles ignition and/or starter motor and/or fuel pump will be isolated depending on the vehicle and the system selected.

Passive immobilisation:
In case you forget to arm the vehicle, the immobiliser system will activate itself. The doors will not lock at this point.

Automatic re-arm and lock:
If you deactivate the system and thereby unlock the doors but for one reason or another do not open the doors, the system will re-arm itself and lock the doors again. This will only happen if no
door has been opened. It ensures security in case of accidental de-activation.

Emergency override:
In case the remotes are lost, or the unit does not respond for one reason or another, the system can be de-activated by following the override procedures on your red emergency card or refer to owners manual provided with your vehicle.

Dome light activation:
The dome light will activate for 60 seconds or until the engine is started after de-activation.

Perimeter lighting:
Indicators will light up for 30 seconds upon deactivation to provide security lighting and to indicate the vehicles exact position in the dark.

Back-up battery siren with additional security key override:
A 120 dB siren with its own power supply (a backup battery) is mounted under the bonnet.
Should power be cut the siren will run using its own power.

Standard Siren:
Where applicable, a 110 dB siren is mounted under the bonnet. As this siren does not have its own power supply this siren will not function once power is cut.

Visual Alarm feature:
When the alarm is triggered and the siren sounding the indicators will flash to provide visual confirmation of the intrusion.

Shock sensor:
When a two stage shock sensor is installed. The sensor will first sound a warning signal if someone bumps into the car to warn-off any possible intruders and activate the alarm immediately when
the impact is forceful.


Please view the model description to assess which accessories are applicable for the model of your choice.

   - Turbo Timer from remote
   - Air Pressure/Glass Break Sensor
   - Ultra Sonic Sensor
   - Micro Wave Sensor
   - Anti Jacking Sensor
   - Infra Red Motion Detector
   - Additional Remote
   - Cabin Screamer
   - Sensor Isolation Switch
   - Boot release from remote

Note: Features and optional accessory capabilities will vary per model selected. Please check to make sure that the model you choose has your required features and options.




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