Soil Guard Fabric Protector Boxed - 500ml



Soil Guard Fabric Protector - 500ml

Directions for use:
1. Ensure the fabric is clean, free of defects and if needed, vacuum before application. Any spots or stains need to be removed before application.
2. Attach the trigger and turn the nozzle to the spray position. 
3. Hold the bottle 30 to 40cm from the fabric and apply by squeezing the trigger.
4. Start at the top and apply with sweeping motions.
5. Apply as evenly as possible, payment particular attention to the headrests, seating areas and armrests.
6. If the furniture has reversible squabs or loose cushions, apply the product to all sides. Stand to dry.

This bottle contains sufficient product to treat approximately 9 square metres of fabric.

Soil Guard Fabric Protector is available to purchase for self-application on your fabric upholstery, this product does not include a Service Plan. If you are looking for our Soil Guard 5 Year Product Warranty & Service Plan this is available for purchase only when purchased in conjunction with new fabric upholstered furniture and from selected retailers.

Before using the furniture:
After application allow the fabric to dry completely, once dry you can use the furniture. Improve the airflow as this will assist with drying by opening windows and/or doors. Full protection will be achieved 48 hours after application.

Fabric Protector is water based and contains acrylic-fluoro resins.